Anti-decubitus cushion in siliconed hollow fibre


The silicone hollow fiber anti-decubitus cushion is an innovative comfort accessory designed to reduce pressure on the body during sitting, thanks to its particular structure. This pillow effectively relieves any friction or pressure, reducing the risk of cuts or wounds, thanks to its soft and luxurious padding.

Furthermore, it is designed to promote correct air circulation, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness during use. This combination of comfort and support makes it extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of situations: it can be used to great effect both in the wheelchair, in the office, or even on long car journeys.

Each cushion is an example of artisanal excellence, completely made in Italy, therefore MADE IN ITALY. We use only the finest fabrics from traditional Italian textile industries, thus guaranteeing a superior quality, long-lasting and safe product.

The anti-decubitus silicone hollow fiber cushion is offered in three different versions, each designed to meet specific individual needs:

  • Seat cushion in siliconed hollow fiber with a central hole, also called anti-decubitus donut: this version, which measures 44×44 cm and weighs 896 grams, is ideal for those looking for targeted support. The central hole reduces pressure at specific points, providing immediate relief.
  • Seat cushion in siliconed hollow fiber with central depression: this version, measuring 44×44 cm and weighing 875 grams, is characterized by a slight depression in the centre, which favors an even distribution of weight, offering comfortable and balanced support.
  • Three-section silicone hollow fiber seat cushion: weighing just 620 grams and the same dimensions of 44×44 cm, this version is divided into three sections to provide personalized support, allowing the user to adjust the pressure according to your needs.

Each cushions is breathable and adapts perfectly to the user’s body.
Furthermore, it is classified as a Class I Medical Device, guaranteeing its effectiveness and safety in promoting optimal comfort during use.

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