Anti-mite mattress cover in cotton and TNT Closed Europa


The Closed Europa anti-mite cotton and non-woven mattress cover completely envelops the mattress on all its sides, to protect it on all sides and to prevent the formation of mites.

Made with a bi-laminate cover of soft cotton sponge (part in contact with the person) and polyurethane which also makes it waterproof to liquids. guarantees total protection of the bed: in fact it performs an anti-mite function, inhibits the spread of microorganisms and helps prevent allergies.

The mattress fits easily inside the cover. The zippered lid can be easily removed for washing.
The lower lining that houses the mattress is made of breathable polypropylene (TNT).

Available in 4 sizes:

  1. Single 200 – 90 + 20 cm
  2. Double room 200 – 175 + 20 cm
  3. A square and a half 200 – 125 + 20 cm
  4. Cradle 120 – 65 + 15 cm
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